Fabric Design And Development

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At M.DAG Shirts, we are dedicated to providing top-tier shirt fabric design and development services. Our mission is to create fabrics that cater to the diverse needs of our esteemed clients.

We offer flexibility, allowing you to place orders in varying quantities, even crafting fabrics from scratch for smaller requests. Collaborating closely with our trusted suppliers in Turkey and Europe, we create shirt fabrics with limitless patterns, colors, and textures.

When our clients seek fabrics with specific specifications, such as density, blend, yarn quality, weave type, and pattern, we respond with tailor-made fabric solutions. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each fabric order is a true manifestation of our clients’ unique vision.

Fueled by the latest trends, we translate these inspirations into custom fabric designs, offering diverse alternatives. Our comprehensive fabric library boasts an impressive selection of over 15,000 distinct fabric options, empowering you to curate your private label collection.

From Cotton and Linen to Polyester and Satin, from Denim to Viscose, our fabric range covers a spectrum of fabric possibilities. You can also explore unique blends like Cotton Poly, Cotton Elastane, and Tencel, each offering distinct advantages for your shirt collections.Also, we cater to our customers’ specific needs by providing fabrics with features like non-iron or easy care when requested.

We are constantly exploring new techniques, materials, and color combinations to provide high-quality shirt fabric palettes for your collection lines. Our developed techniques undergo rigorous testing, ensuring peak performance.

The quality of materials used in fabric construction defines the fabric’s overall quality, impacting the functionality of the shirts they create. We assist you in selecting fibers, threads, and yarns to achieve your desired effect.

Our commitment extends to capturing your unique style through constant innovation in fabric design and development. At M.DAG Shirts, we bring you a range of fabrics that cater to your needs, establishing us as a pioneer private label shirt producer.”

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Our Fabric Suppliers

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